Izzy loves every class you do and it's great to see her now being able to skip and shake her hips! You are really fantastic with all the children and we look forward to seeing the concert preparations and then the concert! - R. Metz, Canterbury

We really do love your dance classes. You interact with the kids so well, and the themes each week really keep the kids entertained. You put in so much effort every week, we absolutely love coming to the classes. I can't wait to get Lily involved next year. - N. Bastin, South Yarra

I just wanted to let you know I think you're awesome for doing this for our girls – Layla was so excited to see you doing the dance on the computer, I'll definitely get her practising this week. - K. Wilson, Scoresby

We are very happy with the way the classes are run. You do an excellent job. - C. Johnson, Port Melbourne

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for opening up a class in Hoppers Crossing ! Last week was my little girls first session and i was just brimming w joy seeing her delight. Well worth it so thank you :-) - M. Venema, Hoppers Crossing

Kaylee has been asking all week when she can go back to dancing. She had a great Time! Thanks Maree. -Shelley Duggan, Scoresby

I Can't Thank you enough for what you have done for Charlotte at Bippity Boppity! When she first started she was extremely shy, lacked confidence and didn't really know how to form friendships and now she is a different person! You should be very proud of your program. What you teach and how fantastic you are with the kids. Charlotte loves Fridays the best. Thanks again - L. Kent, Greensborough

Thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm this year. Annabelle has a grown so much in the area of Rhythm and movement! The highlight of her week is coming to dancing! - Lyndi, Moorabbin

Thank you for being such a fabulous teacher. Mila has LOVED every minute of her ballet classes and we think you do an amazing job. - S. Delany, Port Melbourne

A very special thank you for introducing Ava to the world of dancing. She has more than enjoyed it! Your patience and bubbly personality makes the class so enjoyable. - B. Taylor, Greensborough

Your warmth, care and gentle approach is very much appreciated. I love the fact that you make dancing fun at this age and not too serious. - Y. Kerr, Moorabbin

I just wanted to say I was so impressed with the way you ran your class, Matilda said how much she loved it and I love the way you explained everything to the kids in such a fun and simple term. You were so lovely and enthusiastic, we look forward to coming back next week.- R. Gathercole, Moorabbin

 I feel so lucky to have stumbled across you and even luckier to be given a place so quickly.
Our baby isn't the most confident when it comes to her gross motor skills, so this has been so wonderful for her.Thank you for a great term. Looking forward to term 3... Very likely to have a disappointed little one next Saturday when she realises there's no dancing on. - J. Zundovkis, Greensborough

 Thank you Maree....the girls can't wait to come back next term. You have helped them gain confidence in themselves and sharing the joy of dance. - M. Carnibella, Mentone

I just want to thank you so much, for your professionalism and not singling out any of the girls and just making it such a fun time for them all.  I'm so impressed by your energy and your patience (especially your patience).  I love how you include all the girls in the theme for the week, and how you don't push any of the girls to perform a dance move precisely.  You've obviously been doing this for awhile, and have a very good understanding of the capabilities of a certain age range.  Capabilities, not only with the physical abilities of the girls, but also of their attention spans!  
I'm always so impressed by the different weekly themes, which you have obviously spent some time in putting together.  I was so interested in watching Indira this last week, when it came to putting the disco moves together.  There was a lot of "crossing the midline" (where she finds it difficult to move her arm/s across the lateral midline of her body) - pointing your right hand up in the air, with your left hand on your left hip.  Another move that she struggles with, is rolling both hands together, in front of her chest (as in the Bippity Boppity Dance sequence). She stood there watching you most of the time.  But the wonderful thing about Indira (and all the other girls who were a bit lost by the moves), is that they didn't give up and walk away.  They just all waited until they got to a bit that they could start joining in at again.
Indira really enjoys her dance classes so much - and the younger age group really works well for her.  She loves being part of a group (who doesn't?) and making new friends.  Indira's autism, is specifically to do with poor social skills and connecting with other children.  I love watching her at dance and the connection she has with the other girls.  Thank you Maree for your patience and your wonderful energy which you bring to every class. - N. Makan, Mentone

I just want to let you know what a wonderful job you are doing and how well you manage the kids each week, with all different personalities and ideas. I love your newsletter communications too which provide helpful information and also reminders about appropriate footwear and parent behaviours, etc. I think that's really important and you are forwarding the messages across in a very appropriate manner. - F. Toy, Richmond

Your lil Bo beeps class is exceptional. It is very clear to me that you have done much research into how to get through to the children. You have, in my opinion, the perfect balance of fun, free dance, repetition, routine and structure. Your demeanor and enthusiasm is infectious and Molly is so happy to be part of your class. - T. Lervasi, Camberwell